The HPV Vaccine

So way back in December when I got diagnosed with Cervical Cancer I was asked a lot about the HPV vaccine and to be honest my knowledge was very limited. For one it I had left school years by the time the schools HPV Vaccine programme was introduced and secondly I have a son and until September 2019 (THIS YEAR) the vaccine was not available for boys. I cannot stress how important I think the HPV vaccine is, to think if it was part of my normal vaccine program as a youngster I would never have had cancer. I would not be in menopause at 33, I would not be infertile at 33, I would not be run down like f*ck and Cancer would not have inflicted so much pain, worry and stress on my family. Imagine all those lost to cancer and those still battling, older folk, adults, teenager, children and babies (cancer is not ageist, sexist or racist).. if a vaccine was available to stop their cancer I think they would jump at it, I know I would have. This September first year boys and girls will be able to avail of the HPV vaccine please get your children vaccinated, protect their future. If you decide (this presumes your child is able to get the vaccine) not to protect your children against HPV, of course that is your right, get the information and make that decision but please do not spread fake news it’s harmful, baseless and unfounded codswollop (great word). Below is a video I shot today and at the bottom I will out to some links and videos should you want more information. Get the facts, Get the HPV Vaccine! #ProtectOurFuture

Factcheck article about the vaccine

Researchers said the vaccine has nearly wiped out cases of cervical pre-cancer in young women since an immunisation programme was introduced 10 years ago. 

Vicky Phelan on why your ur children should get the HPV Vaccine

How to get hpv vaccine outside of school program

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