The night before the big results


It’s a weird one I think my family and friends have been thinking about what tomorrow holds more than me. To be honest I think we (cancer patients) cannot ever understand what are family and friends are thinking or feeling as they are going through it with you, all whilst trying not to show it too much to freak the like of me out. My last post got an amazing response and honestly I couldn’t feel the love any more than I do.

I am very grateful to you all for the lovely messages, phone calls and even strangers saying it to me in the street (famous I tell ya) it all helps so please keep the well wishes, candles and as my good friend Sarah says cross all your bits (that would be a skill), I am feeling very positive and hoping the results tomorrow are the good kind but if not I am ready to fight again.

I did have a mighty busy weekend to distract myself. Saturday Séamus and I went to Kodaline in St Anne’s Park which was a Christmas present from me to him. I left super early I wanted to show him what a pit was… well there was none. I’ll have to wait and bring him to Slane sometime.. or do they not have pits anymore? Anyway it was a great gig and I remember every bit of it as I drove to and from, at one point I said Séamus I might get a glass of beer and we went to the q and it looked liked an hour long so decided to pass which was just as well because the ladies loo was honest to god the length of west st (in Drogheda). Had a bit of craic making him roll under a fence to save a half an hour walk back to the car and I was glad as due to the nonsense in the ladies I needed the loo.. so ladylike squatting among the nature. Creating memories right ?….. hahaha. Anyway was a brilliant weekend then we had his friends for a sleepover (do you remember them? Late nineties no better spot than a Bettystown) and went to the beach, god I do love the beach I haven’t been brave enough to swim yet this year but I am eager to try soon as it is the best to cure all ills.. well maybe not literally like pneumonia would probably be worse after a dip in the sea but like your head and general well-being is boosted like nothing else..

I’d like us all to treasure what we have and appreciate it a little more. Let’s try not sweat the small stuff ( says the biggest stress head I know). I’ll let you all know how it goes tomorrow, appointment is at 13:45 .. in the meantime please cross those bits xxx

Ps please register to donate blood 67% of all donations are used in the treatment of cancer. I attended the funeral of wee Fionn recently who was just two and got his angel wings way too soon but I was in awe of his parents who asked the priest to remind people at the service of the importance of donating blood and of children’s cancer charities RIP Fionn xxx

2 thoughts on “The night before the big results

  1. Another great blog Eileen you really are a true inspiration. I’ll have everything crossed for your results tomorrow xxxx


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