Happy International Woman’s Day to all you cancer patients, survivors and the wonderful ladies who lifted the lid on the cervical check scandal!

Or so I’m told.. well done manu

A day for the ladies and sure why not ….didn’t all the Man United male surporters celebrate enough for all the men around the planet this week. (I’m sure the ladies did too) Or was that just my dad? I may be biased but I think woman are just wonderful particularly those I am surrounded by and all for different reasons, my mam for being insane enough to have five children (my womb shakes in horror with the thought), my sister Siobháin for being promoted loads and progressing in her job in just three years while keeping a half decent man 🙂 (you can’t be giving Seán a big head) and being a rock to me and my son, for my friends ….the entrepreneur, the busy mams, the working mams, the successful career women, the wife, the fiancés, the girlfriend, the single ladies (who can hear the song), the daughter the whatever type of lady you want to be.. stand proud you are amazing no matter what category you fit into or even the category you create. Happy International Woman’s Day! Please celebrate today by minding your health and booking that smear or making an appointment with your gp or any doctor to discuss any concerns you have about yourself.. don’t become a statistic ….. Every 3 minutes in Ireland someone gets a cancer diagnosis. Every hour someone dies from cancer. Incidence of cancer is growing and by 2020, 1 in 2 of us will get a cancer diagnosis in our lifetime. (www.cancer.ie)

I am sorry I have been missing and down a post last week, it is mad to think I am home from St Luke’s just over two weeks. It has been a surreal time to be honest. This waiting for the scan (12 weeks) to only wait for the results to see how the treatment went takes patients, unfortunately on the 25 October 1985 the big man (or is it a lady?) forgot to add patience to my bag of tricks so I try distract myself from it but to be honest this is hard when every day on the news I am reading about another untimely passing due to cancer and unfortunately more than I would like due to cervical cancer. This news can try and get in on you but then I think nah honestly I am too busy at the minute to become one of the missed, I will keep going and I am determined to stay around a good while yet to boss my loved ones around (they love it honestly).

I Just wanted to do a small recap of my story just so you don’t think.. ‘Oh that won’t happen to me..’ My name is Eileen Rushe I am 33 (don’t know how that happened), I am the middle (favourite) child of Jim and Mary Rushe’s brood of five, I was reared in Bettystown Co Meath after a brief stint in Dublin(Up the Dubs). I had my son Sèamus in 2006 after first year in college (thank god as treatment leaves my infertile and in menopause), I live in Termonfeckin since 2007 and after college, a stint of jobs in hotels followed by marketing, I now work in Dublin in The exciting world of pensions(I actually love my jobs and miss it) in Irish Life. As you see nothing too unusual the normal young person life, nights out in Drawda (Drogheda), days out with the family, working and most importantly I always monitored my health probably too much to the annoyance of my GP who I know probably a little too well.

Irish homework time

Skip to summer 2017 I was due a smear in July 2017 but Sèamus’s dad John passed away suddenly after an epileptic fit so I got a little distracted and had it one month late. (This made no difference to my cancer) Following this abnormal cells were discovered and subsequently treated until December 2018 when they found something suspicious and ultimately discovered cervical cancer grade 3. I spent Christmas Eve in St Luke’s Hospital in Rathgar with my parents and my sister Siobháin meeting my oncologist (another breathtakingly amazing lady) and getting my treatment plan. Early January I began my treatment which consisted of 30 radiotherapy sessions and five chemotherapy sessions, I finished up on the 19 of February. My body is shot, my energy is it the toilet but my spirit is better than ever. Sure I missed my family, particularly Séamus and my life for the almost seven weeks living in Dublin but I got perspective. I chose to be positive to appreciate the things I do have, the diagnosis I have, my life, my family, my friends, my village and not to be too big headed but me. I am strong I can and will kick cancers ass and get back to better than ever health. Now don’t take that as a suggestion to try get cancer merely appreciate what you have and concentrate less on what is missing.

Pancake Tuesday in aid of the Gary Kelly Centre in the D Hotel

This week I began my post treatment journey, on Tuesday I visited the Gary Kelly Cancer Centre with my mam. We got a hugely warm welcome as I got told all the services I can access for free including yoga, meditation, reflexology, massage, counseling, legal advice, peer groups and a many activity days such as the look good feel good day which I went to yesterday. I got some great tips on makeup, products to use and the most amazing goodie bag. This charity is supported massively locally and I just personally wanted to thank all who support it as it is a priceless support to the men and woman who attend. The countdown to Daffodil Day is also on so please support as the Cancer society do amazing work and also provide funding to amazing local projects.

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