Try go with the flow more because cancer treatment is never black and white

The day of my last treatment … or so I thought

Last Thursday I had me third internal radiotherapy treatment and what I thought was my final treatment. Mam came up to keep me company and I was counting the minutes down until I was home… Friday I was waiting to get discharged after a bad week – during the week my magnesium was super low so I got a couple of infusions, my blood pressure was low making me feel super weak and tired, my white blood count was low and then by blood platelets were low and continued to get lower meaning I couldn’t get the 6th chemotherapy session and I had to get a blood platelets infusion. Anyway I got there in the end and was just buzzing, sitting waiting to leave and the sound porter comes and says he is there to bring me to treatment, I laughed and said nah I am finished treatment…. anyway it turns out I wasn’t finished and I wasn’t leaving for good… so today is Monday and I am back in St Luke’s for one last visit and hoping to get out tomorrow after a couple of extra radiotherapy sessions. Now this is ultimately a good thing as based on my scans the doctor has decided to give me some extra targeted treatment to ensure it is all gone. I wasn’t feeling this way on Friday as I had mad plans to hit fusion (haha)

Anyway I got home for the weekend I was meant to go to my parents but mam got a tummy bug so my sister and future brother in-law was lucky enough to have us again. Friday I was in an awful way as I have got a very bad migraine from the epidural which I needed for treatment, I was crying partially in pain but also because I hate seeing my family see me in such pain. I got the good drugs and it passed for the night, this is literally the only thing I have googled my entire treatment and headaches after epidurals are super common and can last weeks.. can you imagine a month long migraine with a new baby.. no thanks.. My tiredness is at a new level never before have a felt it and I tell you my hangovers are renound (not a good thing), this is where I need to take deep breaths and realise the amount my body has been through and take it day by day..

So all going well in less than 24 hours I’ll be in the M1 heading north and I can’t bloody wait. I told Séamus I’d treat him and my folks to a take away so we are hitting kanoodle as Jim Rushe ventures into the unknown world on Thai.. for anyone that knows my dad he is part time unpaid food critic … as in he has quite high standards, this is because we are such good cooks or so dad say. I haven’t cooked since St Stephens day (left over vol ah vents) something I could become accustomed to, why didn’t I win the euromillions! I cannot wait to get wedding planning.. no not mine .. (although when I look at the fine picture of me above I wonder how 🙂 ) my sister is getting married in 74 days and I am bridesmaid of honour and my best friend Elaine is getting married 85 days in Italy and I am bridesmaid. Unfortunately I have to miss Elaine’s hen so we have HAD to book another night away (any excuse) and Siobháin’s hen was meant to be the weekend gone and we had to postpone and it is on in a month. So I have to get myself back to full health as soon as possible as I am not one to miss a party!

I think this was a bit of a waffley post partially due to the lack of concentration and partially due to my memory being shot! Hoping everyone else had a great weekend. Also hoping all you ladies have got your smears and any parents have researched and made the right decision about the HPV vaccine for the teenagers. €200 was raised on my last post for the Irish Cancer Society so thanks so much.

Cheeeese … mam what’s the story with my hair 😉

I was brought up in Brookside in Bettystown on the Gold Coast of Meath, it was a great upbringing where we were thrown out of the house first thing and left to play on the streets with what seemed like hundreds of kids playing 56 free all, bulldog and many other never girly games and home time was when the street lights came on. The community was amazing I have such fond memories of school, sports days and the seaside leagues and dad giving the entire football team a lift in the white estate car. Since I began this shit journey of kicking cancers ass I have been overwhelmed by the messages of support from old neighbours, school mates, my siblings friends, the community around Termonfeckin but amazingly the community of Bettystown, Laytown and Mornington considering I haven’t lived there since 2005. I just wanted to say thanks and to let you know they really spur me on. An old neighbour if ours was the Gibbons’s family from Mornington (poor second to Bettystown at the time 🙂 ) Lyndsey now McKenna has a wee boy called Fionn who is in the process of kicking leukaemias ass in true super hero style all before his second birthday. Anyway Lyndsey is growing her hair to donate for little girls who may need a wig due to cancer treatment and is fundraising to help other families who’s children are affected by this shitty decease that is cancer. So if anyone would like to contribute please click below it is an awesome cause, one I so wish did not need to exist but there we have it and I cannot tell you the help these charities provide in ways I hope you never have to know about click here to raise money for Aoibheann’s Pink Tie, Bravery Blanky, Cliona’s Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House

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