Posivity is key to good health

I’m a bit later than usual this week to all my fans (well this is in reality it’s primarily my family, quite like a tv show concert made to look like thousands of adoring fans when you zoom out it’s half a dozen people) I’m sorry I just had a lot of living to do. Week four is coming to an end, can you believe it… I feel like I have been here five years and five minutes all at the same time. But honestly couldn’t be happier with St Luke’s the staff are so amazing and I’m located in possibly one of the nicest areas in Dublin. Every single visitor comments on the stunning houses lining the streets that are still houses and not split into 20 shoebox apartments and I kindly remind them we couldn’t afford a garden shed. Euromillions time! Actually did you see the farmer that won big on euromillions but is just delighted he has previously beaten cancer.. “All I’m concerned about is being able to live a happy and healthy life and money can’t buy you that,” https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/my-health-is-my-wealth-says-farmer-after-500k-euromillions-win-37794081.html

Now don’t get me wrong if I got handed a cheque I’d struggle on with spending it I’m sure. BMW, Audi or Mercedes….???

My world (don’t tell him he’d kill me)

This weeks’ treatment has been bit tougher as is to be expected I’ve been very tired. Monday was the worst day I’ve had so far, the weekend was overtaken by diarrhea and nausea so I slept a savage amount. Then Monday we had our usual family breakfast out before dropping Séamus to school late (there has to be some perks to your mam having cancer), I slept all the way to hospital and spent the day feeling sorry for myself, I just miss Séamus so much even the annoying pre adolescent bits. But after an auld Whatsapp call to him that evening I decided I had to just get over myself. It was helped with loads of visitors including my cousin Louise who is also undergoing cancer treatment at the minute and really just wanted to out do me by visiting me while I lie on my bed (lazy I know 🙂 ) Then after the momentary lapse of positivity I got out of bed the other side on the Tuesday and well it worked…

The Family xxx (Séamus loves the red Lindt)

Tuesday evening my sister came over after work like normal and then ten minutes later the door opened and in walked my older brother Eoin who lives in Canada with his partner Laura and two beautiful babies. Jesus the shock I got, I burst out crying (I think he may have too although I’m sure he’ll deny it), now if that wasn’t enough 5 minutes later in walks my dad with this wild haired beauty … Saoirse(my 3 yr old Canadian niece).. the shock now overcame me and of course I scared the bajesus out of her. A few squares of my much coveted galaxy bar (thanks Elaine) and she soon came around to me. She is just amazing I hadn’t seen her since she was a small baby. Sure the entire family (and a friend Gemma who was also unaware of the big surprise) got takeaway and overtook the dining lodge here at Oakland Lodge in St Luke’s Hospital. Sure it was great Craic and for that hour I kinda forgot all about the cancer and just talked absolute nonsense. Now that was a great day and I felt a millions times better for all the positivity.

The rest of the week went grand chemo was good I swear the nurses on the day ward where I get it are just the nicest people ever and the atmosphere is one of friendliness, genuine care and always a bit of laughter. Right now it’s 4:53 am Ive been awake since after one with the dodgy tummy. After reading all the news, Facebook feeds, Insta posts I said I may as well be a bit more productive and get writing this amazing post… I had one planned for positive body image but I’m just a bit tired. So until I get around to doing it ladies please remember we all come in different shapes and sizes and you should never be embarrassed, particularly in front of medical professionals.. so please get your smear booked today… Oh I almost forgot I had a check up my bloods remain in the normal range now I can’t explain the details as the codes resemble the periodic table which I never mastered in years of school so I won’t try now. Thanks everyone for all those candles please keep them going they mean the world. Next Wednesday I have to check out of my penthouse apartment (kidding) and into the hospital for the last week of treatment which includes three goes of internal Radiotherapy also known as Brachytherapy. Now this is I feel the shittiest element of my treatment but I have been assured I get the very best of drugs so I’m sure it’ll be grand. https://www.macmillan.org.uk/information-and-support/treating/radiotherapy/internal-radiotherapy-explained/brachytherapy.html  

I’m note sure I previously thanked everyone for the nighties and recommendation of where to get the best nighties after me wining about Dunnes Stores 1995 nightie .. so thank you. I can confirm Penney’s and Heaton’s are winners so get down quick ladies before their gone they are certainly what dreams are made of. 🙂 I have been hounding my friends for recommendations for movies and series as I think I am running out of things to watch on Netflix. Thank god for season 8 of call the midwives which my brother Darragh definitely did not download and bring up to me when he stayed over (thanks Darragh) to be fare if bbc let me watch it online I would. Anyway if anyone has any good recommendations please share..

22 March is Daffodil Day https://www.cancer.ie/get-involved/fundraise/major-fundraising-drives/daffodil-day#sthash.PQmaJAhL.dpbs if anyone can get involved please do. The work the Cancer society do is unbelievable. Ladies please get those smears, cervical cancer really is a bitch xxxx and lastly everyone please stay standing right behind all our medical professionals striking.. nobody every wants to strike and they all hate the knock on effects for patients but without somebody standing up to this government record on health nothing improves…

Everyone is invited to come along this Saturday to the Nurses and Midwives rally 12.30-14.30pm in the Garden of Rememberance Dublin! 

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