Life is for living – so get on living :)

Well what a week I have had it has been amazing. Last week was a bit gruelling and took a lot out of me really until Tuesday. Since then I have been doing very well. Thank you so much everyone for continuing to read my blog and share it. Messages of support, confirming smear appointments and importantly decisions about the HPV vaccine have been plentiful and really warming to get.

On Saturday we surprised Séamus with a family lunch in fifty50 on mell in Drogheda after his entrance exam. We had such a fabulous time, I stayed in bed all morning to make sure I had the energy and I managed so well with just a couple of trips to the bathroom and outside for for fresh air. I’d really recommend this spot the staff were so friendly and Séamus was chuffed with his plate and mocktail. Actually big thanks to a student from St Oliver’s who was at the entrance exam on Saturday and told Séamus my blog is fab and wished me well, he was delighted. I still remember my entrance exam in 1998 for Greenhills and I was definitely not as cool. The rest of the weekend was great with some visitors who brought wonderful flowers and plants. The room here at St Luke’s is looking like a greenhouse and it is fab to look at and for the air.

I’d like to wish all the INMO nurses with their industrial action, the governments reaction or lack there of is really disappointing but not at all surprising. Cancer services were exempt from actions so I had my Chemo as normal with the wonderful staff here on the Day ward at St Luke’s Hospital Rathgar. I would urge everyone to stand behind them as they seek better pay and working conditions which can only improve the services we rely on. I had three visitors this Wednesday Chemo including my Auntie Joan who came all the way up from Tralee for a great waffle xx it’s nice to be distracted from the actual treatment.

I’m Famous

So my post last week got a massive response and it has got covered by the Drogheda Leader, Meath Chronicle, DroghedaLife, Drogheda Independent and LMFM. This is just fabulous and big thanks to the different journalists they have all been really warm and a great support. The links are below I’d love if you share them, I really believe the more we talk about Cancer and Cervical Cancer in particular the more there will be a wider acceptance of the necessary steps to help protect ourselves. I really enjoyed being on the Late Lunch with Gerry yesterday and amazingly Séamus’s teacher Mrs McCloskey let the entire 6th class at Scoil Naomh Feichín listen and apparently Séamus was very proud. I’m aware it is hard for him and my parents to hear about it but I think it helps heal as they relise I am taking this fight on with everything I have.

Drogheda Life

The Meath Chronicle–brave-bettystown-mother-shares-her-cancer-journey-in-candid-blog-/

The Drogheda Leader 

And the LMFM Podcast

The Irish Sun

The Irish Mirror

Everything Happens For A Reason

This morning about 5 I needed to get to the bathroom in like 1 second so as I stumbled out of the bed trying to wave my phone to see, it jumped out of my hand and I heard it.. crack.. in hindsight there little to no light coming of the phone and less haste more speed would have been better. However to be fair this phone was my brothers for a few years and I had for two years so I think apple would be disgusted with the lifespan of this particular device. So after a decade with apple I am going android I just cannot justify the cost of the iPhone coupled with my total uselessness will only ever end one way.. Not to worry my brother Eoin and his partner Laura at the very beginning of my Cancer journey bought me a fab iPad which is really what helped the blog be born so I will still be able to FaceTime the gorgeous niece and nephew in Canada.

Family FaceTime with Saoirse and Baby James xx oh and you too Eoin

So this weekend is going to be quiet a bit of wedding jobs and hopefully some wedding jewelry shopping with Siobháin. The new how to train your dragon is out today.. Séamus loves going to a movie the day it is released like we are at the premier or oscars… it really is the simple things so hoping the side effects for today’s treatment are mild so we can pop to the cinema with a GIANT sharing bag of minstrels (and popcorn) which I got as a present mmmmm…

I Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend I know I will. Ladies I know it’s hard but please stay with the cervical check screening service, Lads ask her has she? Let’s stand together and prevent Cervical Cancer affecting a family like it has mine. Cancer is not fun… well except the wonderful gifts I have been getting I mean who does not love flowers, chocolates and the most the devine skin ranges (I’ll be looking 21 in no Time!) … Oh and of course the weight loss which on one hand is not good but hey who doesn’t like loosing a stone without even trying.. I’ll be showing the brides in May when I am bridesmaid 🙂 thanks guys xxxx

2 thoughts on “Life is for living – so get on living :)

  1. Hi Eileen – I work with your lovely sister Siobhain and she pointed me in the direction of your blog. Your positivity shines through and is no doubt inspirational to all your readers. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July last year. I was fortunate that it was caught early and I too have had wonderful care from the team in Vincent’s. I’m back at work and nearly good as new. I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment that life is for living! But yes, cancer is indeed an awful bitch 🙂 Wishing you the very best on your journey. Tracey


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