Another week of cancer treatment is underway

I am really blown over by the response to my blog last week. People (in particularly Irish people in my uneducated opinion) are just amazing. I am so grateful for everyone who continues to share my story, my sister Siobháin said 5 people she knows got their smears last week as a result.. amazing.. well done ladies. I would be so happy to think that another family may be spared what we are going through just by popping to the gp for a ten minute smear.

Today’s snippets of information are from two booklets called “Healthy living and cancer a woman’s guide” and “Spot cancer early – manual for men – reduce your risk of cancer”. Both are from the Irish Cancer Society, they have so much information available at

What are the signs of Cervical Cancer? I didnt have these symptoms which is apparently quite common. 

Vaginal bleeding that is not normal for you, this might be;

  • Bleeding after sex,
  • Bleeding in between your periods
  • Bleeding after the menopause

Other symptoms are

  • A vagina, discharge that may smell unpleasant
  • Pain or discomfort during sex or in your pelvis

What increases my chance of getting Cervical Cancer?

  • The Human Papilloma virus (hpv)
  • Smoking

I know men may not think the above is relevant but I think it should form part of the conversation about our health in general. It is so ok to talk about our bodies in an open way, being embarrassed is ok if your a teenager after that… let’s just get on with it.

Your guide to Prostate Cancer- prostate cancer is Ireland’s second most common cancer in men, after skin cancer. 1 in 7 men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime (that is quite a figure).

What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?

  • Difficulty passing urine
  • Passing urine more often than usual, especially at night
  • Needing to rush to the toilet
  • Stopping or starting while passing urine, or a week flow
  • Feeling like you are not emptying your bladder fully
  • Blood in your urine
  • Pain while passing urine

If prostate cancer is spotted early, it can usually be treated successfully

The weekend… The above may seem a little boring but to be honest I am finding it very educational altogether. I think the clear message is to get informed and mind yourself.

The weekend flew by, I was on a high after getting to see Séamus and the family. But if I am totally honest I did struggle a bit with the tiredness, it kinda takes over like a battery running out of juice and I just had to lie down now and then. When in my head I was mad to do something productive like my clean my house (honestly I do it now and then) or walk the dogs on the beach.

The day I had Séamus he was instantaneously my entire world, we are not rich but don’t want for anything ( well Id say he’d like that 4K tv released last week – although I’d need an extension 😉 ) instead we are surrounded by the most amazing people and just love doing normal stuff. Like, I like to bake an unhealthy amount of stuff for his school for absolutely no reason other than I can, or we get up and go to the beach with the dogs or just relax in each other’s company having the chats. (He is my best friend) This weekend was only weekend one and I really struggled to be mam, on Sunday we had a game of this drawing game called doodle buzz (really recommend this) and ate dinner and that was all I could muster. Then on Monday I was just so emotional to be leaving him again, Séamus in his absolutely awesomeness gave me a hug and said it would be fine (The 12 year old becomes the parent), so I just had to get over myself. My friend Sarah picked me and Séamus up and we took a detour on the way to school and stopped for pancakes and hot chocolate in the Forgefield in Termonfeckin for no other reason than we could. Then I was back to St Luke’s in Rathgar… Big thanks to Sarsh for the lift and for making the bed because I was not in a good way after the drive…

Years of training in her mam and dads b&b paid off

Emotional to say the least…

You know when you can cry out of no where for no reason? Well that was me all day yesterday. It is crazy how much your head can take over. I was a totally different person to last week struggling to find any positive feelings I cried in the shower although in fairness that was mainly pain and I cried in the dining room because I felt so out of the loop (I wasn’t), I cried because I can’t make my friends hen and me bridesmaid and I cried in my sleep because I just want to be at home. Then comes the support in the form of my 5ft nothing sister Siobháin (she insists it’s 5”1…) after a full days work she cycles to St Luke’s in the lashing rain to stay with me. I was having a nap when she arrived but just instantly felt better with her being here. We chatted about nothing in particular (well if I am honest far too much about my bowel movements,, it’s all very exciting) and she gave me a pedicure and a massage and I slept like a baby last night.

Today she set off on her way to work at the crack of dawn and will be back to me this evening. She is one amazing human, she is also currently planning her wedding for May 10th (I of course have the best hen ever for her on the horizon) and just keeps putting all her energy into me.. I suppose the reason I am saying this is to just give a shout out to all our everyday heroes that get us cancer patients through the small and the big stuff..

Big thanks also to my mam and dad for taking care of Séamus without a second thought.. today him and his friends are practising for the credit union quiz in granny’s house. Come on Scoil Naomh Feichín…


Book those smear ladies and lads ask her has she?

3 thoughts on “Another week of cancer treatment is underway

  1. knowing someone I love so much is going through all this it’s hard to read but couldn’t put my phone down at the same time!! Inspiration read!! Your so amazing I don’t even think you realise how amazing you are!! And Siobhain I’ve totally got your back 5ft 1 all the way !!! Xxx


  2. Hi so very sorry to hear about it u are a strong women I’m only next door if u need me to do anything for u mind your dogs anything Eileen just ask I’ll be there hugs and kisses from Emma and Dane xx


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