Week one of cervical cancer treatment done and dusted

Disclaimer: I am still not a medical professional but as each day goes by, I remain in complete awe of the cleaners, health assistants, nurses (and there are man many different types), porters, doctors and all the other staff members that help me and other cancer patients daily with such warmth, professionalism and genuine unwavering care. I am in complete support of the nurses action to regain pay restoration as they are all so pivotal in curing, treating and minding big lumps like me and lots of other precious cargo everyday they step foot in the door of St Luke’s and the many other hospitals around the country. God that might sound a bit high and mighty! Apologies.

On the way home in dad’s taxi

I wasn’t going to write a post today because I woke up like it was Christmas waiting to get my treatment done so I could get to see Séamus, I didn’t think I’d have the time to spend waffling at all at all. This morning I woke up and the nausea was trying to make waves but with the help of some pills and the old reliable tea and toast it passed. The radiotherapy was early this morning so everyone staying in the lodge Monday to Friday can get on their way home for the weekend. I managed the water better and was not bursting to use the bathroom right after, It really is the little wins that make it all bearable 🙂 . You’ll see from the pics I popped a bit of makeup on to look a bit perkier for Séamus, note to self beauty is not calling.

The picture shows the radiotherapy machine, I sit on the bed and they align the lasers to match up to my treatment tattoos (and yes they were my first ones, when I am cured I am going to turn them into something more than merely dots.) This ensures the cancer and the affected area is zapped whilst trying not to hit too much healthy body. To be honest this can be so better explained, I’ll see about that again. Anyway then I met my doctor for a few minutes, she is so lovely asking me how I am managing, how Sēamus is and double checking all my pain medication is doing the trick. So I am finished week one of treatment!!! Day 5 done only 23 to go.

Isn’t it lovely

I suppose a little bit of meaning behind me doing the blog might add context. I am a bit of a control freak, I like to have my finger in every pie so I know what is going on and can take control (possibly not my best trait but one my family and friends are well used to by now). This can be in work for collections like for new babies (I mean what man is going to do the job…. cue the objections) or at home when I try to take control of every celebration from birthdays to how the Christmas table is decorated (have a look it really forms the centre piece of hours eating and drinking). So this cancer milark really has thrown it all out of the bag I have no control over it. I am hoping it is a good tumour and reacts accordingly to the chemo and Radiotherapy treatment so I am cured and can be around for a while yet, but I don’t know. So I have decided to own it and stay positive, being sad is far more draining. The reason I am writing this blog is to take back a little control and to really remind people of the need to mind themselves and get the checks needed, whether that is smears, the bowel check or whatever is relevant to you, get on with it. Words like vagina, penis, rectrum, testicular and breast are just body parts and we all game from a man and a woman hooking up and need to get on with talking openly about both women’s and men’s health and in particular cancer. So if today you ask your Mam, Aunt, Sister, Cousin, Friend, Niece, Partner, Wife, Fiancé or Colleague – have you had your smear?? I, and hopefully some lovely ladies would be really grateful in time to be able to take any necessary steps to prevent cancer. Visit http://www.cervicalcheck.ie or call them on 1800 45 45 55. The system may not be flawless but it is what we have and it is how my cancer was found.

My new nightie

So I am staying in my sister Siobháin and her fiancë Seán’s house for the weekend between treatment so they can mind me and Sèamus in the manor I have become accustomed to – I know they are only in the door from work themselves but I haven’t even been offered a hot water bottle, imagine 🙂 . This is me and Siobháin just now (taken without duress by Séamus and he is available for paying gigs) I am wearing my new nightie from Dunnes Stores in Southgate and I have to say I am a little disappointed I mean the comfort level is off the charts but really and truely the style is a bit 1995. The tumour and treatment have resulted in me being a bit swollen, I’d definitely be able to guilt someone out of a seat on the bus looking pregnant and all. So I said I’d get a nightie to stop the elastic digging in – this fetching number was the best I could get. To be honest I am pretty sure I had a very similar one during labour some 12 years ago. I am no fashionista (I still miss Awear – only parting with a cardigan recently and it shut years) but a little bit more feminine and less auld one would be nice.

Hoping everyone has a spectacular Friday, hoping someone in work put me in the euromillions but if not, me and dad are determined to win the Naomh Martins GAA lottery – €17,000 jackpot. I gave him my half of the fiver to stop off in Joe Keogh’s pub (the local) and pick the winning numbers on his way home, I’m sure he had a sip of Guinness and a handful of sandwiches to help. It just wouldn’t Friday otherwise xxx

6 thoughts on “Week one of cervical cancer treatment done and dusted

  1. Love reading your blogs.. your hilarious & never changed a bit since school 🤣🤣well done on week one too 💪💪. Your amazing and you make me think of the silly little worries are no longer important. Love Joe Keoghs , good friends of ours😉 hopefully you get a winner 🤣 enjoy your weekend and best of luck next week

    Donna ❤


  2. Eileen you’re too amazing! Leave some room for the rest of us will you? I can’t wait to see you in a few days and to wreck your head mightily. Love you x


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