I have Cervical Cancer

Disclosure – I am not a medical professional, although I am getting better with the jargon and terms used by the wonderful medical staff that treat me. My blog is little more than a diary of my experience of having the big C and the happenings of my big crazy life.

Little bit about me

My name is Eileen Rushe, I was brought up in Bettystown, County Meath after a brief stint in Dublin (although it is always been up the dubs), I have lived in Termonfeckin County Louth for the past 12 years. I am the middle (best aka favourite) child of Jim and Mary Rushe. Life is generally good I have amazing family, friends, work colleagues, fellow mams and community in general. My son is the funniest  person I know and his smile cheers me right up. Obviously he is perfect in every way and butter wouldn’t melt.

fa027822-2796-42df-b122-d13151c61669I am 33 ( I know I don’t look a day over 21) and I got diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer on the 13th of December 2018. This picture was taken Sunday 13th of January 2019 at a meal in Aisha’s Bistro with 30 of my closest friends and family to celebrate me starting my treatment the very next day. My son Séamus is 12, in sixth class and is my everything. I have explained everything to him and he is taking it like a champ which is nearly more heartbreaking, Séamus’s dad John passed away 5 July 2017 of sudden unexplained death through epilepsy which is why I think god has to be done with us for the foreseeable.

During my treatment my sister Siobháin and life long friend Sarah are playing tag team on minding me. I can see the lure of a butler, should the euromillions find their way to me, hot water bottles on tap, pillows, massages and most importantly words of encouragement and support when I moan and groan.

My Mam, dad and other siblings are keeping the craic going in Termonfeckin and ensuring as much normality for Séamus as is possible. Cancer is an all encompassing thing, the treatment I am receiving is second to none and I am so grateful for the digs in rathgar but life for everyone needs to keep going, school, work, college and big plans such as my sisters hen and wedding..

Brief history of me and cancer

For the last 18 months I have been treated for abnormal cells. The most recent procedure in December resulted in me haemorrhaging and ultimately the discovery of my tumour.

I have since the age of 20 (when I had my son) been extra vigilant about my smears and have got more than the required amount done. I am not entirely sure how the cancer had the chance the develop but it is not something I want to waste my energy on at the minute.

I am under the care of a number of doctors in the Mater Hospital and St Luke’s, my treatment will consist of 28 sessions of radiotherapy and 6 sessions of chemotherapy. I am fortunate enough to be able to stay on the grounds of St Luke’s for the duration of my treatment.

Today is Wednesday and I am sitting on the day ward in St Luke’s Hospital in Rathgar. Today is my first day of chemo and my third day of radiotherapy. The radiotherapy left me with the worst nausea on Monday (day 1 of treatment) and when I was celebrating that subsiding on Tuesday after day two of radiotherapy I spent the evening in pretty bad pain.

Today has been ok so far I particularly enjoy having to go to the bathroom in a jug so I can measure my urine output. It really is the little things that cheer me up 🙂

Anyway this is just a little brief introduction into me, my diagnosis and the treatment….

31 thoughts on “I have Cervical Cancer

  1. Eileen I’m so sorry to hear you are going through this horrendous ordeal. Good to see you are still smiling and laughing though and obviously ready to kick ass!!! If we can do anything just shout, lots of hugs to you and Seamus 😘


  2. Eileen,
    Sorry to hear that you’ve got cancer.

    Thanks for sharing your story. Such a brave thing to do. Please keep up the writing in your story.

    The universe has a plan for us all. Who knows what path it’s leading you on but it will all work out fine.

    If you need anything just ask.


  3. You are so brave.
    We are all here with you, behind you and backing you. We will be the cheerleaders and the shoulders and anything else you need.
    You have the strength of a lion so focus All of that on getting well for now. Everything and everyone else will be waiting for you when your well 💛💪💛💪💛💪💛💪💛


  4. Go girl..i love your positive attitude..i am so sorry you are going through this..
    I will keep you in my heart and prayers
    Ps…i know your sister Siobhan


  5. Eileen you are such a strong person. Cannot believe you are going through but your positivity is amazing and it will get you through this. Keep up your blog. Thinking of you and Seamus xx


  6. Eileen,

    Your positivity is awe inspiring. You are facing this fight as you do everything in life. With gusto! Lots of love from your niece and nephew in Canada.


  7. Eileen you are an amazing strong woman. This is a nasty bump in the road but I know you being you will hurdle over it and keep going. Im only over the road if you need me. Keep strong and keep fighting. You are a true trooper. Irene x


  8. Well the big C hasn’t changed you one bit! Still as positive as ever and so thankful for all the good things in your life. Keep us posted, great idea to set up a blog, I’ll be wishing you all the best with every challenge you take on x


  9. Eileen I’m so sorry to hear you have Cancer, It’s so important to stay positive but not always easy. You are such a strong young women so be really kind to yourself and let everyone look after you for a change. God bless.


  10. Eileen

    You are strong, You are Brave, You are Kind & You are loved 💕 You are going to kick cancers ass. I’ve asked Johnboy to use all his charm & pull all the strings possible & I am 100000000% sure he will be looking after you and Seamo through this 💕 Keep up the awesome positivity doll we love you 😘 Big Hugs and Kisses from your Family in NZ Ciara xxxxxx


  11. Hi Eileen,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your illness, I met you in Scholars at one of our wine tasting classes. I thought you looked so well , not realising what you are going through at this present time. I look forward to following your ‘blog’ and you getting through this difficult time. Thinking of you & yours 💕


  12. Hi Eileen,

    I am truly sorry you have to go through such a horrible ordeal especially after everything you experienced on the loss of Séamus’s Dad. Life can be so cruel. You are so brave telling us your story and making awareness for us ladies. Thank you for sharing this and I pray you have a healthy recovery. The very best of luck with your future treatments. Take care😘

    Lots of love
    Donna 💖💕


  13. Eileen your such a strong young lady , and you will beat this , no better woman 😉😉my prayers and thoughts will be with you and seamus through this xx


  14. So shocked and sorry to hear you’re going through this Eileen, you have a great family to get you through this…. great to see you being so positive, that will stand to you in kicking cancers ass… well done on putting your story out there, please keep writing the blog… thinking v you n Seamus…. your old brookside neighbour Tara (then lally) heaslip xxx


  15. Hi Eileen so sorry you have to
    go through this fight… great to see you been so positive. you have a great family that will help you get the strength for this I know I seen them in action as well as yourself😁 best wishes to you and Seamus…..


  16. Thanks for being so brave to share your story with us all.. its incredibly inspiring and Ive no doubt you’ll fight this with all you’ve got and on days ur not so strong that army behind you will keep you going… wishing you a speedy recovery Eileen. Take Care xx


  17. Hi Eileen, so sorry to hear your ill. Your positivity is fab, you have a wonderful family around you and I wish you all the best for the future x stay strong ❤️


  18. Eileen you are so brave and thank you for sharing your story. You will get through this. Wishing you all the strength you need in this really tough time. It’s going to be better soon, thinking of you. Hugs and love sent your way-Róisín xxx


  19. So sorry to hear you have this shit disease Eileen! Wishing you every bit of luck in kicking its ass! Ill be thinking of you x x


  20. Hey doll, so sorry this has happened and you have to go through all it entails. I wish you a speedy treatment and recovery. Hugs and kisses to you, Seamus and your family.
    Thinking of you!


  21. Eileen thinking of you from across the pond. Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of us. So sorry that you have to go through this. Sending energy and hugs from Toronto ❤️


  22. Great idea Eileen to start a blog it will help others starting the scary journey and be something for you to look back on with pride when you are old and grey and undefeated. Best of luck and do whatever it takes x


  23. Eileen I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Your post and attitude are truely inspiring. You, your son and your family are in my thoughts and prayers


  24. Hi Eileen, My name is Chrissy , I live in Nelson New Zealand and I saw your story on Clara’s facebook page and am so with you on your journey.
    I had a rare invasive cervical cancer 20 years ago which was treated with a radical (it sure was !) hysterectomy and radiotherapy and luckily no chemo needed. Tomorrow is my 60th birthday and I am living happily and well, hoping you will be too. All the best for you and your handsome son.
    As they say here in the Maori language Kia Kaha (Stay Strong),
    said with much Aroha (love).


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